In Balance

Strains, disturbances, stress or noise affect the balance of the human being. Through natural sounds that have a calming and regulating effect on the body, certain illnesses can be prevented. The Klanggesund® natural sound technology - a special loudspeaker system - is used for this. Sitting or lying in an acoustic hologram, relaxation and recuperation effects occur very quickly.Well-being and quality of life increase. Just the pure joy of listening or pure enjoyment of music in a healthy and non-stressful form has an effect on the balance of the vegetative nervous system. Thus, listening to music has a preventive and even self-therapeutic effect. An ideal combination with help for self-help.All offers are based on the principles of harmonic spherical sound, which is modelled on nature through innovative acoustic technologies with the help of the Original Mechow Sound Transducers®. In this way, the positive effects of natural sound can be easily integrated into a sound-healthy® and individual everyday life.