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Help for self-help

Therapy in the narrow sense is not always necessary. A counseling session is often enough to help find new motivation. Counseling can help to grab the tip that could bring life back into the flow.

Are you facing a decision? Do you feel you need to change something, but don't know what? Do you want to take a new path professionally? Or do you have the feeling that there is a "crisis" in your company? In such phases of life, it often helps to look at the big picture. Using a variety of methods that suit you, we look for the resonance that is causing the problem, which is often hidden deep inside.


Talks that solve

When we are feeling bad, the bad feelings become entangled in sadness and sometimes despair. Then a conversation is important.

Systemic view

When things don't run smoothly, we don't feel good. Waiting for things to "straighten out" on their own usually doesn't happen.

Music Therapy - Paths to the Inner Self

Music has the ability to reach us deeper than words. It can reach memories that the mind believes long forgotten.