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Alternative psychotherapy

The soul is a part of us that you can't see on an X-ray. And yet we feel it when we feel good or bad. We gain physical strength when everything is in harmony. Tinnitus and pain usually increase when we are tense or stressed.

In the many years of my therapeutic work I have encountered every imaginable human suffering: grief, loss of vision, separation, loss, exhaustion, illness, depression, pain, spiritual crises and everything the heart knows. The body expresses the emotional level through perceptions such as racing heart, pressure on the chest, nausea, insomnia, restlessness, headaches or even illness. But what it always seeks is balance.

Health can be compared to a scale. If there is too much in one bowl, the other tips. Often we humans are then confused or desperate and do not know how to find our way out of a dilemma. Then it is helpful to be able to talk and have someone listen. For example, a person who can empathize with the stressful topic, listens and stands helpfully by your side.

Why then do we feel the need to talk? When our head is overflowing and our heart is heavy, we want to speak our thoughts. They reach our brain in a different way than if we only think them because we hear them.

The heard and spoken word creates resonance in our self-perception. But the other person also hears things between the lines. These are then reflected and help to find ways out of the misery. 

Heilpraktische Psychotherapie can be an alternative to the weeks of waiting in overcrowded psychotherapy practices.