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"There is a teacher, if we understand him; it is nature. " 
Heinrich von Kleist


Hello, I am Kerstin from Klanggesund®.

Did you know that there is an interaction between the body's own inner processes and external natural frequencies?
I have been working for more than 20 years on how exactly this evolutionary interaction principle of frequencies can be used to improve health and increase well-being.
As a health coach, I am increasingly being visited in my Klanggesund® centre by people who suffer from diffuse complaints but are diagnostically considered healthy.
They come to me because they no longer feel well, e.g. suffer from mental fatigue, diffuse pain or other symptoms.
Klanggesund® explains ways of using regulatory frequencies that are technically generated by means of natural acoustic holography.
More urgently than ever, new ways are needed to help people and even animals or plants to find their way out of regulatory disorders. Klanggesund® is such a way.

from klanggesund®.


Klanggesund® understands

the body as a vibrational system in interaction with the environment.


Klanggesund® communicated

understanding that health and hearing can be improved through frequency therapy.


Klanggesund® appeals to people

who would like to enrich their lives professionally and privately by means of natural acoustic technology.