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Holographic frequency therapy

Holographic Frequency Therapy according to Brachaus Mechow® (further on HFT®) is to be understood as natural sound therapy. The HFT® works with harmonic waves.

Two original Mechow transducers®, which radiate spherically, create an acoustic hologram, a three-dimensional sound image. The spectral frequencies of natural sound resonate through the body and interact with the body's own frequencies.

While healthy cells remain unaffected, irritated cells react to the harmonic sound waves. Natural sound has a balancing effect on their activity: it creates resonance, order and thus healthy harmony.

HFT® is a method that takes into account and presents biophysical parameters in context. An integral part of this unique new method is an accompanied through-regulation of the mental and physical levels. The result is always a balance of body, mind and soul. This method can be learned by anyone by attending seminars at the Klanggesund® Academy. Acoustics enthusiasts will find answers to their search for the perfect sound in Klanggesund®. 

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