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Profil Klanggesund®

The therapist and producer of Klanggesund® sound transducer systems Kerstin Brachaus-Mechow unites her idea of sound quality and the use of evolution-based physical processes in the creation and propagation of natural sound under her neologism. The goal is to increase the quality of life.

Klanggesund® forms a synergetic trio of knowledge transfer, therapeutic processes and production of the hardware - the klanggesund® sound transducer systems. This technology enables a reproduction of natural acoustic processes and thus forms the prerequisite for the method of holographic frequency therapy.

At the same time, klanggesund® places equal emphasis on healthy musicianship. It addresses people who are interested in frequency therapy professionally and privately, who like to listen to music, who are hypersensitive to conventional acoustic technologies and/or have a health concern. 

Klanggesund® therapizes and relaxes by means of natural sound that is technically generated.  Sound transducers Klanggesund® are produced at the southern edge of the Mecklenburg Lake District for doctors, therapists, music lovers and makers, as well as for all health-conscious people interested in the subject.