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Hearing Perception

Did you know that more and more people - even young people - have the feeling that they can no longer hear properly? Very few people know that in most cases this is not a case of hearing loss in the pathological sense, but more often the reason lies in a signal processing disorder that has nothing to do with hearing.

Acoustics today are often of poor quality, senses are overloaded and dulled. The cause often lies in the processing of what is heard in the brain. Then we speak of an auditory perception disorder. The aim of this special offer is to break down this disorder.

By means of the method of HFT® the hearing ability is checked in a completely different way than by an acoustician. The examination of the auditory perception axis and spatial hearing is a component of the method. Often, perceptual programming that has become chronic is discovered. The goal of the sessions is to break these down.

The enthusiasm of those affected is often great after the first session, as within a short time of hearing readjustment, a significant increase in hearing ability can be experienced.